Russia Allegedly Distributes Latest S-400 Missile System in Crimea

Atynews.com - Russia has been accused of spreading the Moscow S-400 missile system at the Dzhankoy air base in Crimea. This is known through...


Armenian Su-25 fighter crashed, 2 killed

Atynews.com - The Armenian Su-25 fighter jet reportedly had an accident and crashed in the west of the country on Tuesday. Two people died...

Taiwan Plans to Buy 66 US F-16V Units

Atynews.com - The Taiwanese government is considering buying around 66 F-16V fighter jets from the United States (US).Reported by Reuters on Friday (11/30/2018), Taiwan's...




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Bank of Russia is blacklisted, Russia-China rejects US proposal

US Pushes UN to Comment on Iran Missile Trial

Atynews.com - The United States (US) has encouraged the UN Security Council (DK) to condemn Iran's ballistic missile trials, which are described as dangerous,...

Russia Denies Violating INF Agreement

Atynews.com - The Russian Foreign Ministry said, the United States (US) has not provided evidence that Moscow violated the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Agreement....
Pompeo Urges Riyadh to Support Investigation the Missing of Saudi Journalists in Turkey

US Surrounds Russia To Be Subject to Nuclear Weapons Agreement

Atynews.com - The United States (US) government has reportedly sent an ultimatum to Russia to comply with nuclear weapons control agreements within 60 days....

NATO: Russia Must Obey Nuclear Weapons Agreement

Atynews.com - NATO calls on Russia to re-comply fully with the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Agreement. NATO Assesses, Russia is far from the agreement.Reporting...

Russia Will Sell Sophisticated Weapons to Argentina

Atynews.com - The Russians are reportedly going to immediately sell sophisticated weapons to Argentina without political preconditions. However, Argentina's economic conditions are predicted to...

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Donald Trump Says US Defense Expenditures “Crazy”

Trump - Putin May Be Involved in Murder and Poison Attack
Atynews.com - President Donald Trump suddenly complained about the United States (US) defense budget for this year which he called "crazy" because it reached...

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