General Atomics Predator C Avenger UAV

Predator C RPA : General Atomics Avenger

Predator C Avenger, just like Predator B, was established through the funding and foresight of GA-ASI. It has a unique speed and design, which increased the survivability of this machine in environments with high threats and offers potential clients with an improved quick-response capability of armed reconnaissance. The first test of this aircraft was conducted within April 2009. The ER (extended range) version enhanced the span of the wings up to 76 feed. This version also added extra fuel capacity, which results an increase in endurance for more than 20 hours. Avenger ER flew for the first time within October 2016 and finished a test program for extended flight in 2017.

The multi-mission and high-speed Avenger ER can be considered as a medium-to-high-altitude RPA (Remotely Piloted Aircraft) system with long endurance that is able to run time-depended strike missions on both sea and land, broad-area surveillance, and host other challenging civilian or military missions. This aircraft offers way higher transit and operational speeds compared to the latest Predator B aircraft series, which produces rapid repositioning and quick response for enhanced mission survivability and flexibility.

Avenger can also be considered as a potential and highly advanced RPA. It comes with a turbofan engine called PW545B (Pratt and Whitney), which is able to produce up to 4800 pounds installed thrust. Its engine is engineered for bigger fuel efficiency and features top components for fuel consumption. It can fly at 400 KTAS as maximum speeds.

The maximum altitude is 50,000 feet. The important wing hardpoint mounting capacity of payload allows the machine to carry various sensors. The internal bay for weapons can handle up to 3,000 pounds larger sensor or precision munitions payload. This model uses the similar avionics and materials as the Predator B series. Likewise, it is fully interoperable and controlled from GA-ASI GCS (Ground Control Stations).


Max Altitude50,000 ft
Max Endurance20 hr
Max Airspeed400 KTAS