Gray Eagle UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System)


Gray Eagle UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) from GA-ASI is a technologically advanced innovation from the Predator, which is specialized in combat. This system is an important element in the Modernization Plan of United State Army’s Aviation. Gray Eagle provides a compelling, low-risk, affordable, and reliable solution for future tactical UAS to fulfill the challenging requirements of service for attack operations and RSTA (Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Target Acquisition).

This system offers 25 hours endurance, approximately 167 KTAS speeds, maximum loads up to 488 kg for both external and internal payload, and ability to fly 29,000 feet above the sea level. The aircraft is able to carry various payloads aloft, such as 4 Hellfire missiles, communications relay, SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar), and EO/IR (Electro-optical/Infrared) equipped with designation of laser.

The HFE or Heavy Fuel Engine of Gray Eagle supports the concept of “single fuel during battle” held by the Army, as compared to its previous version. It also provides drastically enhance fuel efficiency and increased horsepower using either diesel or jet fuel.
Other features of Gray Eagle include a system architecture for triple-redundant flight and a control system that is fault-tolerant., which are similar compared to the integrated system of Predator B. This model is designed to fulfill and exceed the reliability standards for manned aircraft using airworthiness as its main consideration.

Gray Eagle is created to manage operational control by the field commanders of the Army. It has expansive set of mission, such as missions to deliver weapons, communications relay, support in close air, defeat and detection, IED (Improvised Explosive Device, convoy protection, broad-area ISR (Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance).
This UAS has an automatic landing and takeoff system, which enable the machine to be recovered and launched without the needs of operator interaction. It has conducted around 10,000 landings and takeoffs successfully.


Max Altitude29,000 ft
Max Endurance42 hr
Max Airspeed167 KTAS