Navy Ship Delivered Elsewhere for Repairs, Allegedly Politicized

1555 – Routine care for US naval vessels is suspected of being politicized. This was revealed because routine improvements of several US ships were not brought to Florida for repairs.

Florida is famous for engine repair experts. So one of the best places for maintenance of ship engines will be under this city.

But unlike the three US naval vessels UUS Zephyr, UUS Shamal and USS Tornado performed maintenance elsewhere.

The issue is hot when a topic that discusses ship repair goes down on the plate of a senator or congressman. But the process is played.

“The Jacksonville ship repair industry bases have gone through years of ship-size reductions and it seems counter intuitive to aggravate the situation by removing vessels from the harbor when competition exists,” The contents of a letter were sent to Lauren’s Secretary Laur Richard V. Spencer.

In the letter also explained that what is done by bringing the ships unnoticed places has been known to arouse suspicion.