Super Hornet F/A-18 Restored in Missouri, Spend $ 700B Budget

451 – One of the F / A-18 fighter planes was being restored in the Boeing headquarters hangar, marking the first of several fighter jets sent to St. John’s facility. Louis when the Pentagon spent the biggest budget in its history.

Reportedly, the advanced aircraft will soon be completed after weaponry upgrade and more modern features.

Super Hornet F / A-18 is already at the St. Louis since 2004 then. At the beginning there are at least four similar aircraft being flown and will be upgraded at a cost of $ 73 million.

Boeing itself has a contract of 134 F / A-18 aircraft that will be completed in the next few years for the US.

No half-hearted, the US Government spent $ 700B on their defense budget.

The budget is much larger than any country in the world.