How a Change in Tactic Helps Russia Manages Terrorist Attacks and Threats

How a Change in Tactic Helps Russia Manages Terrorist Attacks and Threats

Intelligence agencies in the world are currently doing their best to counter constant terrorist threats that lurk in the dark, in hope that they can find a way to properly anticipate and respond to even the most unexpected acts of terrorism. This also applies to Russia’s Federal Security Service. Last December, Vladimir Putin stated that there were more than 60 terrorists over the last year foiled successfully in Russia. Statistics showed that the rate of terrorist attacks in Russia had declined tenfold. The Federal Security Service has been significantly more effective in tackling issues of terrorism.

The Federal Security Service managed to neutralize a Makarov gun found at the Nizhny Novgorod area, wherein an alleged terrorist crafted a plan to conduct an act of terror during the day of the presidential election. This achievement was attributed to a network of agents that was inherited from the KGB, which itself is the country’s most hailed special service. Said agents were able to infiltrate terrorist groups and thus preventing dozens of planned terrorist attacks, all of which were still at the stage of preparation.

Compared to the 90s-early 2000s, terrorist attacks in Russia have been significantly put in check. All of this has to do with how agents were assigned to roles that are actually a new tactic. In the past, the agents were trained to destroy terrorists physically. The effectiveness of this tactic, however tremendous, did not last long as new terrorists kept coming up one after another. It all began with an attack in Volgograd. Taking place in 2013, the attack resulted in the death of 18 people. An idea then popped up: Had there been any agents infiltrating the organization behind the attack, everything should be able to be prevented.

Today, there are many agents from the entire network that work with those organizations such as one that orchestrated the explosion in Volgograd, the Black Widows. The change in tactic indeed yields results. Those agents infiltrate those organizations at their early stages of work, at the preparatory stage. This is done in hope that they can disrupt a potentially dangerous organization from within and cancel the planned terrorist attacks. And obviously, this is not something that can be completed in days or weeks. It takes months for the agents to be able to accomplish their goals. Some agents even go so far as to embrace Islam to be able to monitor the movement of potentially dangerous groups within the community of Muslims.