Getting a Glimpse of a Ruger MP9

Getting a Glimpse of a Ruger MP9

In many ways, the Ruger MP9 looks like just another form of the IMI Uzi. The most apparent characteristic of the weapon is its compactness, which makes it all the more appropriate for practical use in the field of law enforcement. The submachine gun was first put out in 1995 and it was implemented with certain modifications that have made it somewhat different from its predecessor. The weapon has been through some tests done by the special operations forces in the US. One unfortunate thing about this weapon is that it was limitedly produced, making it perhaps one of rare guns in the States.

The gun is blowback-operated. It is a selective firearm, whose chamber can only accommodate ammunition of 9 x 19 mm caliber. Along with improvement on the accuracy of firing mechanism, the gun shoots ammunition through closed bolt. At 75 meters of effective fire range, the submachine gun surpasses its predecessor. Polymer makes up a sizeable portion of the gun, resulting in a significantly reduced total weight. The gun can be stripped into six larger parts for easy and convenient maintenance and cleaning. A switch to easily change from safety to fire modes (and back again) can be found right on the grip of the gun. There are two modes of settings on this weapon: full-auto and semi-auto.

There is no automatic grip safety found on the gun while on top of the receiver is a handle for cocking the gun. Cocking can be performed by using either hand, making the gun somewhat suitable for both right-handed and left-handed individuals, as well as those who are ambidextrous. The weapon grip also houses the magazine. It is suitable for magazines capable of feeding the weapon with 32 rounds of ammunition. In terms of the magazine, the weapon is more or less the same as the Uzi. Another feature exists on this gun is its redesigned folding stock.

Country of originUnited States
Entered service?
Caliber9×19 mm
Weight (unloaded)1.83 kg
Length (stock extended)556 mm
Length (stock folded)376 mm
Barrel length173 mm
Muzzle velocity?
Cyclic rate of fire550 – 600 rpm
Practical rate of fire40 – 100 rpm
Magazine capacity32 rounds
Sighting range?
Range of effective fire75 m