Exploring What the Kriss Super V Has under the Hood

Exploring What the Kriss Super V Has under the Hood

Another model of the weapon exists, the Kriss Super V Vector Carbine. Meant strictly for civilians, this variant can only be used in semi-automatic mode.

The name of the weapon is derived from an Indonesian word keris, which refers to the country’s traditional fighting knife. TDI was renamed KRISS USA following the production of this weapon, which, in turn, was rebranded as Vector. The weapon is operated with the delayed-blowback mechanism. It is a selective firearm that shoots ammunitions from a closed bolt, which can accommodate ACP ammunitions of .45 calibers. Other variants can also accommodate S&W and Parabellum ammunitions of calibers .40 and 9 x 19 mm, respectively.

The operating system included on the Kriss Super V is patented. This system is shown to be able to decrease muzzle climb and recoil. By absorbing and redirecting the force of recoil downwards, the overall control of the weapon improves significantly. Felt recoil and muzzle climb are said to go down as much as 40% and 15%, respectively. Firing one-handedly is quite accurate with this gun. Stripping the gun down is also convenient with the inclusion of two-push pins. Three settings are available on the weapon’s ambidextrous fire mode: full-auto, two-round burst, and semi-auto. The selector for this mode is positioned around the upper receiver’s middle section. Above the grip of the pistol is another ambidextrous safety switch.

To the left of the receiver is a handle for cocking the gun. The handle folds over and is not responsive when the gun is firing. To the right of the receiver is an ejection window for spent cases. The weapon is compatible with standard magazines of 13-round Glock 21. An extension kit can expand the weapon’s capability to 30 rounds. Housing for the magazine is found in front of the grip. The weapon is equipped with a rail of full-length Picatinny type, located atop the receiver. The rail is compatible with detachable iron sights or red-dot sights.

Barrel LengthNo
Gas LengthNo
Rail LengthNo
Co WitnessNo