Springfield Armory XD Series: A Complete Review

Springfield Armory XD Series: A Complete Review


  • Springfield Armory XD Series: A baseline product, the series features pistols of subcompact, compact, and full-size models. Sub-variants include: XD-9 (9 x 19 mm), XD-40 (.40 S&W), and others (.45 ACP and .375 SIG);
  • SA XD Mod 2 Series: An improved version of the baseline, this series has similar specs and models as the primary variant;
  • SA XD(M) series: Introduced in 2007, this line has barrels that are match grade. This series is provided with .45 ACP, .40 S&W, and 9 x 19 mm;
  • SA XD-S series: Introduced in 2012, this line features single-stack-magazines subcompact guns, which is denoted by the inclusion of letter S in its designated name. Changes in this series include safety and trigger mechanism.

The “XD” in the series’ name stands for X-treme Duty. The Springfield Armory XD Series was actually Croatian HS2000 pistols when it was first imported to the US in 1999. Springfield Armory obtained the license for the weapon and sold it under its current name since 2002, along with company-applied improvements. The obtained license also enabled SA to produce other derivatives of the gun with different finishes, barrel lengths, sizes, and calibers. The weapon is widely used by law enforcement agencies and the US police.

Civilians can also purchase the gun. From certain perspectives, the weapon shares similarities with SIG Sauer and the Austrian Glock 17. The gun is designed in a polymer frame and is fired through striker mechanism. It is operated in a short-recoil system, firing ammunition with its breech locked. There are no manual safety measures on this weapon. An M1911-style grip safety and a firing safety pin, both automatic, are found instead. The grip safety locks the slide, preventing the slide from cycling. As such, the weapon will not load so long as the grip safety does not engage properly. A drop safety keeps the weapon protected even when it is exposed to impact or dropped. Some models feature manual thumb safeties. The weapon does not come with an indicator for the loaded chamber.

Caliber9×19 mm Parabellum
Weight (empty)650 – 700 g
Length180 mm
Barrel length103 mm
Muzzle velocity300 – 460 m/s
Magazine capacity16 rounds
Sighting range50 m
Range of effective fire50 m