The Military & Police Gun is Perfect for, Well, Military and Police Purposes

The Military & Police Gun is Perfect for, Well, Military and Police Purposes

Variants of the Military & Police consist of both target models and compact versions.

The name “Military & Police” was trademarked by Smith Wesson and has been the company’s property for at least 80 years now. Before, the name was used to refer to the company’s line of revolver. First introduced in 2005, the gun is intended the policemen and those in military forces—as the name implicates. Still, it does not mean it cannot be used by individuals outside those fields as the gun is also available in its civilian model. There are over 20 countries other than the US that has adopted the gun, albeit its use in those countries is strictly for law enforcement.

The gun is compatible with 9 x 19 mm Parabellum (for military purposes) as well as .45 ACP, .375 SIG, and .40 S&W (for law enforcement purposes) ammunition. Its design is derived off Sigma’s design; despite that, the two guns are completely different and their parts are not interchangeable. Some of the gun’s features can also be found on SW99 guns. Its frame is of polymer materials while its slide is of steel. The gun is notable for its ergonomics. The gun is operated through short recoil mechanism and employs a locking system of Browning type. There is a slide release lever on the frame’s each side. The gun is available in its 9 mm version, which is compatible with magazines of 17-round capacity.

The gun comes with two magazines and the release button for the magazine is reversible. Into the slide are fitted front and rear sights. These sights can be adjusted or replaced conveniently with tritium sights, which make for great night shot. The sights’ effective fire range is quoted at 50 meters. Under the barrel is an accessory rail, which can be fitted with a laser pointer or a tactical flashlight. For improved ergonomics, grip back straps are completely replaceable. The gun is equipped with three back straps; each is different in sizes and shapes. A user can use any one of the straps that suits their comfort.

TypeDouble Action Only semiautomatic
Caliber(s) 9x19mm Luger/Parabellum, .357SIG, .40S&W
Weight unloaded700 g (24.25 oz) empty
Length190 mm (7.5″)
Barrel length114 mm (4.5″)
Magazine capacity17 (9mm) or 15 (.357 and .40) rounds