Observing M1911, the Old yet Still Reliable Gun

Observing M1911, the Old yet Still Reliable Gun

Variants of the M1911 include:

M1911A1: Improved version of the original and adopted by the US Army in 1926. Improvements include shorter trigger and wider front sight. Until 1985, the M1911A1 was the main weapon of the US Army, which was subsequently replaced by the Beretta 92FS.
Colt Government Model 1911: Intended for civilian use, the gun was introduced in 1929 and is compatible with .38 Super Automatic. The model has a magazine with a 9-round capacity. It is truly accurate and is perfect for target shooting.
Colt Commander: Also intended for civilian use, this model is much more compact and looks a lot like the M15 pistols by Rock Island Arsenal.
Colt Defender: another one intended for civilian, this is a derivative of the M1911A1, with a magazine of 6-round capacity and much shorter grip.
Colt Officer’s AP: Introduced in 1985, this model is a compact pistol.

The M1911 is arguably the epitome of outdated weaponry. First developed near the end of the 20th century, John Browning (the original designer) sold the rights to Colt Company, which conducted a trial for use of the gun during the period of 1906-07. It wasn’t until 1911 that the gun was fully embraced by both the US Navy and Cavalry. The gun was involved in many great wars, including the WWI, the WWII, the Korean War, and Vietnam. It was widely used in the US military scene until 1985, after which it was retired.

The weapon may be century-old, but it is hardly unpopular, even to date. The US Navy Seals, Marine Corps, Navy, FBI, and SWAT teams still employ this weapon today. The gun was popular among more than 50 other countries outside the USA and currently, there are about 30 countries that still use this gun for their military forces. The gun uses a trigger of the single-action system and its operating system is proven very reliable that other manufacturers often try to emulate it. Its effective fire range is 50 meter although it can be argued that the gun can reach 100 meters.

Caliber11.43×23 mm (.45 ACP)
Weight (empty)1 075 g
Weight (with loaded magazine)1 130 g
Length219 mm
Barrel length127 mm
Muzzle velocity253 m/s
Magazine capacity7 rounds
Sighting range50 m
Range of effective fire50 m