What the M11 Will Give to Its Users

What the M11 Will Give to Its Users

The M11-A1 is a variant of the M11 pistol. It is a more commercial version of the original. There are some key differences between the two. The most apparent is their purpose: The original is strictly meant for military forces and is sold to the government directly. This commercial version of it is intended for civilians. The civilian model has a slide made of stainless steel. Its grip is also larger than the original. Its magazines are also bigger, being able to accommodate ones with a 15-round capacity.

In the early 90s, the US military forces adopted the SIG Sauer P228. Upon adoption, the gun was renamed the M11. Those using it include Military Criminal Investigation Command, Naval Aviation, and Military Police. The weapon was also issued to other units that apparently need a handgun that is unobtrusive and compact at the same time, much smaller than the already small M9 firearms. The SIG Sauer P228 (especially the commercial model) is also popular among civilians. The gun is designed to be compatible with ammunition of 9 x 19 mm Parabellum. The gun is operated by short recoil system and is equipped with the modified version of Browning locked-breech, which is common in guns of similar build. The same locked breech operating system can also be found in other SIG Sauer P-series, especially ones that employ locket breech system.

The gun comes with either double action only trigger or the double action. The gun is equipped with an integrated firing safety pin although it does not possess manual safeties. A de-cocking lever can be found to the left of the frame. The double action only model does not come with a de-cocker. The gun is proven safe for carrying even with the chamber loaded. Options for the frame material include stainless and aluminum. The aluminum-base version is the standard and it is slightly lighter than its counterpart. The gun is compatible with double-stack magazines of 13-round capacity. Other models are compatible with full-size SIG Sauer P226 magazines of either 15- or 20-round capacity. The release button for the magazine is reversible on this gun.

Caliber9×19 mm
Weight (empty)825 g
Length180 mm
Barrel length99 mm
Muzzle velocity?
Magazine capacity13 rounds
Sighting range?
Range of effective fire~ 30 m