Eurocopter Panther, A Captivating Medium Weight Multipurpose Helicopter

Eurocopter Panther, A Captivating Medium Weight Multipurpose Helicopter

Eurocopter Panther is the helicopter derivative from Eurocopter Dauphin from France and developed under Aerospatiale Eurocopter Airbus Helicopters. Panther is a multipurposehelicopter that can employ for combat assault, anti surface warfare, anti submarine warfare, fire support, search and rescue, and medical evacuation. As it is a multipurpose military helicopter, some countries operate it for their naval and air force as Brazilian Army, French Naval Aviation, Israeli Air Force, Indonesian Navy, and some other countries.Panther has varietiestypes which differ its used for naval AS56UB, ground forces with arm AS565SB, and ground forces without arm AS565MB. From its production phase, so far it has already ordered about more than 180 for the ground forces version and about more than 75 for naval version.

Eurocopter Panther is a twin engine medium sized multimission rotorcraft which is able to perform various naval and land based mission. The missions includes search and rescue, vertical replenishment, surveillance, ASW, AsuW, casualty evacuation, and surely maritime security. It employs a pair of TurbomecaArrielturbo shaft engines. By this, Panther can do maneuvereasily, possessing generous g-force limitation, and stable in a high level. For the navigation systems, Panther utilizes Thales Avionics which can be install based on the needs of the operator country and completed by Thales TMV 011 Sherlock receiver, Infrared Jammer, and flare decoy dispenser.

The weapon systems found in Eurocopter Panther is integrated with a Crouzett HDH 21 Electronic sight and autopilot system. As it is made for the civil needs, it is not completed by the internal weapon inside, but some munitions and armaments can be used depending on the intended role and put in a universal weapon support beam. It can carry 20mm pod mounted cannons, 68mm rocket pods, eight mistral air to air missiles, or eight HOT anti tank missiles.

Country of originFrance
Entered service1984
Length13,68 m
Wing span11,94 m
Height3,98 m
Weight (Empty)2,2 t
Engines2 x turbomecaarriel 1M1 turboshaft
Traction2 x 749 shp
Maximum speed274km/h
Missiles4 x AS15TT light anti ship missiles
Torpedos2 x Mk 46 Torpedoes un places of the missiles