Sukhoi Su-57, A Stealth Fighter Jet from Russia

Sukhoi Su-57, A Stealth Fighter Jet from Russia

Russia produces a new ongoing fighter jet for the fifth generation, called Sukhoi Su-57. It is said can be a hard opposite for the USA F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lighting II. Since it is still ongoing project, engines equipped to liven the Su-57 is still on development stage. Under building of Sukhoi Corporation, the engines development is still doing and it is going to make this stealth jet fly faster using supersonics. By this engine, Su-57 can have speed about two thousand km per hour, depends on where it flies. Beside of the engines, it is also needed improvement of the radar system. It utilizes the complex radar called PAK FA SH121 equipped in two places of jet’s body.

Sukhoi Su-57 is also completed by the IRST IR/optical search and tracking system, surely to maximize the function as the fighter jet nowadays. But, those upgrading and development will be totally clear in 2020. They believethat Su-57 will be the most superior stealth fighter jet in the world for the fifth generation.For the construction, it will be70% constructed by composite materials. The use of composite materials usually makes light in weights, stronger, and cheaper for production cost.

As it is going to be the most modern fighter jet, the needs of the weapon complement is also needed to modernize. It will be completed by some air to air and air to ground missiles, 30 mm cannons, and number of bombs inside. Those weapons were tested for Su-57, one of it as OFZAB-500 and aviation bombs ODAB-500PMB. By those upgrading elements, Sukhoi Su-57 is priced about US$100 million per units, but it is for the unit without completed by the weapons inside. The price is quiteexpensive as it is a superior stealth fighter jet in the fifth generation now.

Country of originRussia
Entered serviceExpected in 2018-2019
Crew1 men
Wing span14,2m
Height6 m
Weight (Empty)18,5 t
Engines1 x AL-41F-1S
Maximum speed2.600 km/h
Cannon1 x 30 mm cannons
MissilesR-74M archer and R-77M adder air to air missiles