Sukhoi Su-35, The 4++ Generation Fighter Jet from Russia


Sukhoi Su-35 is single seat multi role fighter jet made by Russia. It was a development from Su-27 and currently named by Su-27M. It has been produced about 18 units where the users of this fighter jet so far is Venezuela and Indonesia.Su-35 is the last jet of flanker series between fourth and fifth generation. Thus it can be categorized as the fighter jet from 4++ generation. Since it is the development product, it always has something new and better to introduce. Than other multi role fighter jet, this jet is the one and only which can do the 360 degree extreme maneuver as Ufo does. It has been showed on the Le Bourget International Airshow by Sergey Bogdan, where he did a ‘pancake’ maneuver with high speed without decreasing the altitude.

As it is used for the needs of fighter, surely the complement of the radar is a must. This Sukhoi Su-35 uses Irbis PESA (passive Electronic Scanning Array) radar which can detects target in radius 400 KM in the air. For the ground or sea target, this radar can track target in radius 200 KM. The radar skill is almost be the same as the F-22 made by USA. Thus, Su-35 becomes a hard opponent of USA F-22.

Sukhoi Su-35 is equipped by AL-41F-1S engine made in Russia which completed the splendid speed and maneuver and also to carry many weapons inside. It can fly by carrying eight ton high precision of bombs and missiles. By those smart of fighter jet of the 4++ generation, Su-35 is priced about US$45 million to US$65 Million per units. While, for the cost of flying per hour, it can spend about US$14.000, much expensive than the other kind of fighter jet as Su-30 which spends US$7.000 per one hour.

Country of originRussia
Entered service2012
Crew1 men
Length21,9  m
Wing span15,33 m
Height5,9 m
Weight (Empty)18,4 t
Engines2 x saturn 117S (AL-41F-1S)
Traction2 x 86,3 / 142 kN
Maximum speed2.390 km/h
Cannon1 x 30 mm cannon with 150 round of ammunition
MissilesR-27ER, E-27Et, R-73, Kh-29T, Kh-31P, Kh-59M, Kh-35U
BombsVarious free-fall bombs