Airtech CN-235, a Multipurpose Transport Aircraft


Airtech CN-235 is transport aircraft which developed by CASA of Spain and IPTN Indonesia and marketed by the joint venture company Airtech. It is primary utilized as a regional airliner and military transport includes maritime patrol, air transport, and surveillance. So far, it is already utilized by some countries for the needs od their air force as Turkish air force, US air force, French Air force, Korea air force, and Irish air corps. Its first flight was on November 1983 and introduced in 1988. From its first flight, then it became into the production stage and until now it was already produces about more than 250 units.

Airtech CN-235 is engine by twin general electric turboprop and able to fly in medium range. It provides two seat for two pilots and can carry up to 45 passengers inside. It was produced in some variants, since Spain has its own code and Indonesian has its own too. EADS CASA released six variants of CN-235 as CN-235-10 (first version production), CN-235-100 (employed by GE CT7 9C for engine), CN-235200 (redevelopment in shape, and aerodynamic), CN-235-300 (improvement in Honeywell Avionics), CN-235 ASW (maritime versions), and C-295 (development in PW127G in engine). While, in IPTN it has five versions as CN-235-10 (first version production), CN-235-110 (improvement on GE CT7 9C in engines, and electric system), CN-235 MPA (Maritime patrol version, completed by navigation, communication, and mission system), and CN-235-330 Phoenix (improvement on Honeywell Avionics, ARL 2002 EW systems, and 16,8 ton of MTOW).

Based on those multipurpose aircraft, this CN-235 for standard version costs about US$21.5 million perunit. While for the CN-235-200MPA can be more expensive than the standard version by adding around US$10 up tp US$12 million per unit. While, for the CN-235-220M multipurpose aircraft is priced about US$31 million per unit where it has already completed by VIP & VVIP transport, troop transport, medical evacuation, passenger transport, and cargo.

Country of originIndonesia/Spain
Entered service1986
Crew2 men
Wing span25,81 m
Height8,18 m
Weight (Empty)8,8 t
Engines2 x general electric CT7-9C turboprops
Traction2 x 1.750 – 1.870 hp
Maximum speed445 km/h
Maximum payload6,6 t
Typical loadUp to 48 troops or 24 liters plus for attendants