F-15E Eagle, All Weather Ground Attack Aircraft

F-15E Eagle, All Weather Ground Attack Aircraft

F-15E Eagle is tactical fighter aircraft with twinengines developed by McDonnelDougles (now Boeing) for the needs of air superiority. It was firstly flown in 1972 and firstly developed for the US air force and keep utilizing it until 2025. By the time, it is also produced for the commercial for other countries as Israel, Japan, and Saudi Arabia. It costs about US$29,9 million per unit.

It was developed from the Vietnam air war where F-4 Phantom could not handle it better by the time that it was growing older. Thus, USA Air force realized that they need an aircraft which better in the maneuver and able to carry air missiles and cannon. In 1966, USA air force went to ask the FX aircraft and they chose MCDonnel Douglas in 1969 and asking for 107 aircraft units which later called F-15E Eagle. It was supported by two afterburning turbofan engines Pratt and Whitney F100-PW-100. It made F-15E able to reach 65.000 feet only in 122 seconds.

F-15E Eagle was also equipped by the AN/APG 63 Radar which installed in the F-15E’s nose and it was the most powerful radar at that time. It was able to see and shot the aircraft below and detect up to 200 miles. To upgrade this radar, it only needed the software upgrading without changing the hardware inside. It was fulfilled by four cannons guided AIM 7 Sparrow radar and four infrared cannon guided by AIM 9 Sidewinder for the dogfight. Besides, it could carry three fuel with 600 pounds and reached 3.000 miles flight in one flight without refueling. By its development, F-15E Eagle did its improvement. It was improved on its radar into F-1fC. It employed synthetic aperture radar AN/APG 70 and new engines by F100 PW 220. Thus, in 1980, the F-15 totally replaced the F-111 bomber.

Country of originUnited States
Entered service1989
Wing span13,05 m
Height5,63 m
Weight (Empty)14,38 t
Engines2 x pratt and whitney F100-PW 220 turbofans
Maximum speedOver 2.655 km/h
Cannon1 x 20 mm M61A1 Vulcan Six barrel cannons
MissilesAGM 65 Maverick, AGM 88 HARM anti radar missiles, AGM 130 air to surface missiles. Up to four AIM 7M sparrow and four AIM 9 sidewinder air to air missiles
BombsMK 82, Mk 83, Mk 84, GBU 10/12/15 precision guided munnitions, CBU series cluster bombs or up to five free fall nuclear bombs