Illinois Voters Chose Based on Issues and Not the Origin of Candidates

Illinois Voters Chose Based on Issues and Not the Origin of Candidates
The atmosphere at one of the polling stations during the election in Hinsdale, Illinois. Photo: AP

A competition for the seat of the American Congress in one district (constituency) in Illinois was followed by two Indian Americans. The Democratic Party candidate was born in New Delhi before moving to the United States as a baby.

His Republican opponents immigrated to America more than 20 years ago. But the two candidates saw this competition as a battle between two Americans rather than two Indians. Here’s the Esha Sarai report from Schaumburg, Illinois.

Both candidates focused on the issue and said so did their community.

“The fact that someone whose name may be difficult to pronounce by 90 percent of voters who are members of Congress representing them is a compliment to my constituents,” explained Democratic Party Candidate King Krishnamoorthi.

Meanwhile, Robert Frankel, campaign volunteer Krishnamoorthi argued, “Our state senator is from Mexico. Member of our state DPR from Puerto Rico. Our junior senator has a Thai background. So, this means we choose according to the type of person and what the person can or cannot do and not by other reasons. “

Amara Creighton, a voter in District 8, expressed her opinion, “I think what is more important is their views and their policies. I mean, it doesn’t really matter to me what their cultural background is as long as they defend us and do good for us. “

Another voter, Michelle Sims, explained, “I don’t care if they are American Indians. I just hope that whoever wins will support and help the people. “

Farukh Khan, another voter, also expressed his opinion, “We must not look at someone’s race. We must choose people who care more about us and our community. I don’t think this is a matter of race. Hindu or Muslim is not a problem. “

On November 6, voters from District 8 Illinois will choose one of two candidates based on their platform or programs.