Trump Consider New Executive Orders to Prevent Migrant Entry

Trump Consider New Executive Orders to Prevent Migrant Entry
Caravans of thousands of Honduran migrants when they reach the city of Tapachula, Mexico on their way to the US. Photo: Reuters – President Trump’s administration is reportedly considering a new executive order to prevent the entry of asylum seekers and immigrants through the American border with Mexico.

Media reports citing an unnamed government official said a number of legal and administrative measures based on national security were being considered.

Although no decision has yet been made, immigration lawyers say such a move will certainly be strongly opposed through the courts.

Among those actions is the total closure of the border, but analysts say this is not possible politically because it will impact billions of dollars of trade between America and Mexico.

Leon Fresco, a former Justice Department official and immigration lawyer, said the president’s actions to prevent people from entering the United States for asylum would face difficult legal obstacles.

Fresco said, anyone who could enter the United States, officially or not, had the right to seek asylum. “The travel ban issued by the President does not apply in this case,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Mexican government announced on Friday it would provide medical assistance, temporary work and education for children of migrants from Central America as long as they wanted to live in two states in the south.

This is the official and detailed response announced by Mexico because of the flow of thousands of migrants, mostly from Honduras who are trying to reach America in desperation to face violence in their hometown.

President Enrique Pena Nieto announced that migrants who agree to settle in the Chiapas state and Oaxaca will get medical assistance and their children may enter school.

Posting videos posted on President Nieto’s Twitter account said migrants who wanted to get this facility had to fill out a form provided by the National Migration Institute.

Nieto said again, this plan is only for people who want to comply with the rules in Mexico and is the first step for “permanent settlement” for people who get refugee status in Mexico.

A caravan of about 7,000 Central Americans is walking through southern Mexico, and many are determined to continue their trip to America, despite President Trump’s threat that they will be rejected.