Found, 11th and 12th Suspicious Package Sent to Trump’s Critic

Found, 11th and 12th Suspicious Package Sent to Trump's Critic
A suspicious package found by the authorities at Time Warner Center, CNN bureau office in New York, October 24, 2018. Photo: REUTERS – The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) said Friday it found the 11th suspicious package, addressed to Senator Democrat Cory Booker.

The FBI said the contents of the package were similar to a pipe bomb aimed at former President Barack Obama, other prominent Democrats and critic of President Donald Trump. The law enforcement agency said the package was found in Florida.

CNN and other news media reported the 12th suspicious package aimed at former National Intelligence Director James Clapper was also found on Friday (26/10).

Clapper told CNN Friday morning that he was not surprised he was targeted and said the incident was “serious.”

Federal investigators searched a large facility sorting American letters in Florida late Thursday after determining that at least one of ten pipe bombs posted to a number of Democratic party figures or President Donald Trump’s critics was processed there.

A report in the Miami Herald newspaper said the package that appeared in the office of DPR member Debbie Wasserman Schultz was “most likely” the package in question, said a federal law enforcement officer who knew a lot about the case.

Before arriving at Schultz’s office, the letter bomb was first addressed to the office of former Attorney General Eric Holder in Washington, DC, but no one received it and then sent it back to the sender’s address, namely Schultz’s address. This package is processed through a large facility to sort Opa-locka letters in Florida, reports The Herald.

Investigators said they believed they would be able to identify who was responsible for sending the ten pipeline bombs.

“We will identify and arrest the person or people responsible for this action,” New York City police chief James O’Neill told reporters Thursday afternoon.

All suspected explosives were taken to the FBI laboratory at the American Marine Corps base in Quantico, Virginia, O’Neill said.