UN Staff Assist Honduran Migrants Confessing to Seek Asylum

UN Staff Assist Honduran Migrants Confessing to Seek Asylum
Thousands of Honduran migrants rest in the Main Square of Tapachula city, Chiapas state, Mexico. Photo: AFP

Atynews.com – More than 45 UNHCR UN refugee agency staff have arrived in Tapachula, the state of Chiapas, Mexico, while others are on their way.

The first task of UNHCR staff was to stabilize the chaotic situation, in which more than 7,000 people in migrant caravans flocked to the United States. UNHCR stated that conditions in the field seemed quieter and more orderly than in previous days.

But this can change, said UNHCR spokesman Adrian Edwards.

“Among our special concerns right now is the development of the humanitarian situation among this group, where many people do not have food, water, health and other needs,” Edward said.

“There are also kidnappings and security risks in areas that may be passed by this caravan. Therefore stabilizing the situation is very urgent, “he added.

UNHCR teams will also register asylum seekers, identifying those who are especially vulnerable to special needs as a way to streamline the process.

So far, around 1,000 people have requested asylum in Mexico, Edwards said. But, he added, thousands more likely will continue their trip to the United States and most of them will seek asylum.

According to international law, people who run away from persecution and violence must be given access to the country where they request asylum and the right to file it. Therefore UNHCR will also protect the rights of migrants.