Former US Secretary of State John Kerry Write a Book about the Trump Government

Former US Secretary of State John Kerry Write a Book about the Trump Government
Former US Secretary of State, John Kerry (center), and former Homeland Security Minister Tom Ridge (second from left) attend a mourning service for the late Senator John McCain, at Washington National Cathedral. Photo: Reuters – Lately, many well-known former officials and journalists have written books about the administration of President Donald Trump, which they consider very contrary to the policies of the American government before.

The most recent is former Foreign Minister John Kerry who wrote a book entitled Every Day Is Extra . Kerry, who has run for office in the 2004 presidential election, among others discussed the problem of increasing the temperature of the earth and the exit of America from the Paris Climate Agreement. He also commented on President Trump’s actions to pull America out of the Nuclear Agreement with Iran.

Kerry said, as US Secretary of State, he had tried hard to encourage the success of the Paris Climate Agreement in 2015, especially because China had not wanted to join. In fact, China is one of the largest greenhouse gas producers.

“For years China did not want to come to grips with the issue of increasing the temperature of the earth, until finally they wanted to cooperate with us,” Kerry said in an interview with the television station, C-Span. the achievement of the climate agreement in Paris in 2015. “

But, Kerry added, “now not only have we not been able to withstand the rate of increase in the earth’s temperature by a maximum of two degrees Celsius, but it seems we will double the increase in temperature to four degrees Celsius towards the end of this century.”

“We must question why President Trump arbitrarily pulled America out of the Paris Agreement, without paying attention to facts and using science, and without any knowledge of the problem, just because he did not believe that the increase in the earth’s temperature was caused by human activity. “

Kerry said, “this is a crazy thing, because humans are responsible for this. For the first time, in the middle of winter, in February last year, the temperature at the north pole was above freezing. We see this change in rising sea levels and various changes on land. “

Forest fires last longer, and floods also occur more frequently and have a profound impact on people’s lives, Kerry added.

Kerry also criticized President Trump for pulling America out of a nuclear agreement with Iran signed with China, Russia, Germany, France and Britain, 2015.

“President Trump did that without considering all the consequences of his actions.”

China, Russia, Germany, France, Britain and Iran still recognize and carry out the agreement. So why did Donald Trump do that?

“Because he wants to change the government in Iran?” If that is the intention, Kerry said, obviously it would not work. “I guarantee that if it’s the goal, the replacement of the current government in Iran will not be more democratic. Hardline groups will actually get stronger, and they will not want to negotiate with America, because they think America cannot be trusted.