6 Greatest British Aircraft Crew Arrested in the US

The aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth belongs to the British Royal Navy. Photo: Reuters

atynews.com – Six crew members of the British Royal Navy, HSM Queen Elizabeth are reported to have been arrested in the United States (US).

Reporting from Reuters on Monday (09/10/2018), it was also confirmed by the British Royal Navy to the EVening Standard in its official statement.

According to information received, the six sailors reported being drunk while in the bar district and all alcohol-related violations.

“Six sailors were arrested in the bar district and all alcohol-related violations, such as irregular poisoning and arrest,” police officials said.

“We can confirm that a number of naval personnel are assisting US police with their investigations, it is inappropriate to comment further at this time,” said the British Navy.

According to local police reports, arrests were made in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, on Wednesday night. They are mostly detained on suspicion of drunk and irregular behavior.

Police said three sailors had refused to be arrested. The arrest took place outside Lynch’s Irish Pub.

Britain’s largest aircraft carrier weighs 65,000 tons and is nicknamed “Big Lizzie”. The HMS Queen Elizabeth arrived in the US last week to take off and land the F-35 fighter jet on the deck.