Richard H: US Will Collaborate with Al-Qaeda to Defend Idlib

Photo: Reuters – Richard H. Black a United States Senator (US) said that his country would cooperate with al-Qaeda to maintain Idlib.

Reporting from Sputnik, Monday (09/10/2018), this was conveyed by Richard in an opportunity when asked by reporters.

Virginia State Senator said he did not know whether the US would help Syrian rebels to maintain Idlib. If finally the US decides to help the rebels, then the US will cooperate with al-Qaeda to fight the Syrian government.

“You know that the Syrian army has recaptured almost all of Syria and there is a radical group office in Idlib. People in Idlib live under the domination of these fierce militants,” Black said.

“If the US will intervene on the side of the rebels in Idlib, we will fight side by side, together with al-Qaeda, the same group that attacked the Twin Towers and the Pentagon on 9/11,” he continued.

Previously he also said that terrorism had become a major US force in the conflict in the Middle East. He said, this was deeply embedded in Washington’s foreign policy.

He also said the US had never wanted to destroy terrorist groups in the Middle East, but instead looked after them. Black stressed that this was done because terrorism was the most effective weapon in the US in the Middle East region.