North Korean Military Parade, No Ballistic Missiles

Photo: Sputnik – North Korea (North Korea) has said a military parade to commemorate the anniversary of the 70 countries. In the military parade, no ballistic missile was seen.

Reporting from Sky News, Monday (09/10/2018), In the commemoration, young leader Kim Jong-un watched directly the parade.

Troops, artillery and tanks in a row accompanied in front of Kim Jong-un in the center of Pyongyang. One new one in this parade is the absence of large missiles being displayed are short-range combat devices.

In a number of previous military parades, North Korea often featured missile launchers. However, including these missiles at this time will be diplomatically provocative.

The warning came at an important time during the talk about denuclearization.

For a long time, the US and North Korea were at a dead end. The US requested a comprehensive list of North Korea’s nuclear facilities, and Pyongyang demanded the Korean War to be ended officially.

The Korean War peace agreement, which ended in a ceasefire, was never signed. Until now no party wants to give way.

But over the past few days there has been a flurry of diplomatic activities from Pyongyang.