China joins Australia’s biggest maritime training

Photo: Sputnik – For the first time, China has participated in the largest maritime training in Australia. According to information, more than 3,000 personnel from 27 countries were involved in joint exercises in the strategic northern port of Darwin.

Reporting from Reuters on Monday (09/09/2018), This was conveyed by Commander Anita Sellick of the Australian frigate HMAS Newcastle.

He said if two Australian navies had been received at the Chinese Naval Frigate in Huangshan.

“Two of our Australian navy sailors actually crossed there, now on Chinese ships. So the two of them can integrate into their respective navies and learn a little about how their lives are currently in Exercise Kakadu, “Sellick said.

Exercise Kakadu hosts 23 ships and submarines from the entire Indo-Pacific region. This exercise allows them to build familiarity that helps prevent conflicts on the high seas and coordinates disaster relief efforts.

The Australian Fleet Commander, Rear Admiral Jonathan Mead, told reporters in Darwin in a television interview on Friday that there were mutual benefits in building understanding and trust during training.

Joint military training, which will continue until 15 September, is supported by the Australian Air Force and involves 21 aircraft.

Darwin, the front door of Asia, is Australia’s most strategic city and has been home to the US Marine contingent since 2011, making it a logical place for this exercise.