Houthis Ask for UN Security Assurance during Peace Talks

United Nations special envoy to Syria Martin Griffiths. Photo: AP

atynews.com – A rebel group in Yemen, the Houthis say they are asking for security guarantees for their delegates not to be questioned during peace talks with the United Nations.

As is known, the United Nations became the mediator for mediating peace talks to end the three-year war in Yemen.

But only representatives of the Yemeni government Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi appeared. While the Houthi delegation insisted their aircraft to Geneva should be allowed to evacuate dozens of injured people to neighboring Oman.

Reporting from VOA, Saturday (08/09/2018), This was conveyed by one of the Houthi leaders, Mohamed Ali al-Houthi through his Twitter account.

He said that the United Nations must prove itself to reject violations of international law and humanity.

“The United Nations is now facing a choice where it must prove that it rejects violations of international law and humanity, does not allow Omani planes to take delegates and the injured are flagrant violations,” he said.

Houthis say his group also wants assurances that their plane supplied by Oman does not have to stop in Djibouti for inspection in both directions, after the last time “confiscated” there by a Saudi-led military coalition for months.

There has been no official response from the United Nations regarding the statement of one of the leaders of the rebel group.