Chairman of the Russian Parliament Submits a Letter from Putin to Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong Un. © REUTERS / KCNA – North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is reported to have received important letters from Russian President Vladimir Putin today.

Reporting from Russia Today, Saturday (8/9/2018), the letter was given directly by the Chairman of the Board of the Russian Federation, Valentina Matvienko as they both spoke.

As reported earlier, Russian delegations made an official visit to North Korea. Matvienko also previously announced that he would send a letter to North Korean leader Vladimir Putin from Russia.

However, he did not specify what the letter contained. He also said that the contents of the letter were only known by the two heads of state.

This is not the first time the two statesmen corresponded. In June, Putin sent another personal letter, inviting his North Korean counterpart to Russia for an official visit.

The invitation was delivered directly by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

On several occasions, both Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin were both eager to increase cooperation in various fields between the two countries.

Putin also strongly supported the Denuclearization efforts carried out by North Korea in his agreement with the US.