Britain and Russia are “noisy” at the UN Security Council

    Photo: AP – Britain and Russia have reportedly returned “Ribut” about alleged two military intelligence officers from Moscow who poisoned former Russian and daughter spies in Britain.

    This is the development of a British report to members of the UN Security Council to fully investigate the case.

    The Russian ambassador to the United Nations rejected British evidence as an “invisible” finding and the British ambassador said London was convinced that it was a fact.

    British Ambassador Karen Pierce and Russian Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia threw accusations at UN Security Council meetings.

    Nebenzia said that Russia rejected all baseless accusations. He said the UK still had no evidence of Russian involvement. Instead, the British used the poison attack to create anti-Russian hysteria.

    While the British ambassador, Karen Pierce, said after the poison attack last March the British asked Russia to cooperate but received a negative reply. He said Russia had asked to join the investigation after it took place.

    “You don’t recruit a arsonist to put out a fire – you don’t especially do that when the fire is caused by them,” Pierce said.

    France, Germany, Canada and the United States promised to work to disrupt hostile activities from foreign intelligence networks and ask Russia to reveal its nerve gas program.