Russia sends warning to US military about Syria

Photo: Washington Post – In the past week, at least Russia has twice sent strong warnings to the United States military (US).

According to information, the Warning said that Russia was ready to take units occupied by US troops in the region.

As reported earlier, Russia has said that its allegations there are militants in the region protected by US military forces.

Moscow’s warning sharply raised concerns that US commanders would be at risk if Russia launched an attack. This has triggered US warnings to Moscow not to oppose the US military presence.

US defense officials told CNN that the center of the US-led anti-ISIS coalition base was in Al Tanf. US forces helped monitor the 55 km exclusion zone around Al Tanf.

Given its location near the Syrian, Jordanian and Iraqi borders, the Al Tanf garrison is seen as a major strategic location when the US, Iran and Russia compete for influence in the region.

There are fears Russia could use their naval aircraft or warships in the eastern Mediterranean to launch missile attacks on what they say are militants. This will lead to confrontations that can inadvertently attract US troops if Russian targeting is not right.

So far, there has been no buildup of Russian ground troops after being observed in recent days, officials said.