England: Vladimir Putin Mastermind of Novichok Poison Attack

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Russian President Vladimir Vladimorvich Putin. Photos : Reuters

atynews.com – Indirectly, Britain has accused Russian President Vladimir White of being the figure behind the deadly poison attack of Novichok in Britain some time ago.

According to information obtained, the attack targeted former Russian agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia last March.

Reporting from Reuters on Friday (09/09/2018), the statement came out the first time by the British Security Minister, Ben Wallace in a statement.

Wallace’s comments came after Prime Minister Theresa May said that police and prosecutors believed the attack on Skripal and his daughter was carried out by two Russian military intelligence officers and was almost certain of the approval of a senior Kremlin official.

“In the end he did so as long as he was president of the Russian Federation and his government that controls, funds and directs military intelligence,” Wallace said.

“In the end of course he is responsible, he is the leader of the country,” he said again.

Moscow has repeatedly denied allegations of involvement in attacks of nerve poison in Salisbury. Moscow asks London not to make anti-Russian hysteria.

Skripal is a former colonel in Russian military intelligence who was imprisoned by the Kremlin after treason by defecting to British MI6 intelligence services. He was released through a spy prisoner exchange agreement between Moscow and the West in 2010.

Scripal and Yulia were found unconscious in a public bench in Salisbury City, England, on March 4, 2018.