The Chinese Military Will Train the Afghan Army

Photo: China Morning Post – The military from China is reported to be training Afghan soldiers. This is to support the country in combating acts of terrorism.

Reporting from Reuters on Friday (09/09/2018), It was said by the Afghan Ambassador to China, Janan Mosazai in a statement.

“Afghanistan has also requested that China supply the Afghan military with combat helicopters,” Mosazai said.

He said later that the exercise would be held in the China Region, but he did not specify the location.

Mosazai later said that the Chinese government had promised Afghanistan that they would have two fixed-wing transport aircraft for medical evacuation purposes and that the flight crew had been practicing in China.

“It is already on track, and we hope they will be sent to Afghanistan, to our national security and defense forces, immediately. We have asked them to provide combat vehicles, helicopter gunships, as well as air and reconnaissance capabilities,” he continued.

He said China’s response to the demand for helicopters was positive, and that Kabul wanted Beijing to provide capabilities or “grant assistance” so that Afghanistan could buy the military equipment.

So far, the Chinese Ministry of Defense itself has not given any comments regarding the statement made by Mosazai.