A-135, Russia’s Latest Anti-Missile Weapon

    A-135. Photo: Russia Today

    atynews.com – The last few weeks have heard reports that Russia has tested their latest anti-missile weapons. However, the name of the weapon is still kept secret.

    Reporting from Pravda.ru, Wednesday (05/09/2018), the name of the Russian defense system is known to be A-135. This was revealed by Military Specialist, Alexei Leonkov.

    “This is an A-135-based anti-missile system that protects the area around Moscow and the industrial center,” he said.

    The Ministry of Defense previously kept the name of the defense system tested. However, the ministry claimed the weapons test was successful.

    “The tactical and technical indicators of missiles regarding the range, accuracy and duration significantly exceed modern weapons,” said Colonel Andrei Prikhodko, deputy commander of the Air Force Defense Missile Defense of the Russian Air Force.

    “Modernized A-135 missiles will fly farther and faster, and will attack targets more accurately,” the expert said. According to him, modern missiles can be upgraded to 150 percent.

    “If the Ministry of Defense has not disclosed details about new missiles, it means that they do not want to disclose the details of Russia’s nuclear doctrine to the United States,” Prikhodko said.

    The weapon is known as the A-135 anti-missile system which has been tested secretly on the Sary Shagan site in Kazakhstan.