Great Burned Utair Aircraft in Russia’s Sochi

Photo: Fox – An airplane belonging to the Siberian-based Utair airline burned badly. The plane is known to carry 170 passengers.

Reporting from Sputnik, Saturday (01/09/2018), Luckily all passengers survived the terrible incident. However, 18 of them were injured by three children.

It was also confirmed by the Russian Ministry of Health in its official statement saying the wounded had received medical assistance according to their needs.

The plane flew from Moscow and was about to land dururat in Sochi. Not yet known the cause of Utair’s plane slipped and endangered hundreds of people.

“At present, there are 18 people who were injured, including three children. There were no fatalities,” the ministry said in a statement, as quoted by Sputnik.

According to the local Emergency Service, everyone on the plane was successfully evacuated. The flames of fire have also been extinguished.

Earlier, a Durat Service official said there were six people who were injured, four of whom were hospitalized with burns. However, a few hours later the number of injured victims was increased.

“The Boeing737 from Moscow slid off the runway when it landed at Sochi airport and caught fire. According to preliminary data, six people were injured,” a local emergency official said, before the wounded casualties were revised.