Russia Tests Missile Sary Shagan, The World’s Most Accurate Missile

    A-135. Photo: Russia Today – Russia has reportedly succeeded in testing its latest missile, Sary Shagan. This missile is claimed to be the most accurate in the world.

    Reporting from the Daily Mirror, Friday (08/31/2018), the missile was intended to block all ballistic missiles that shot above Moscow’s sky.

    The Russian military also said that the pilot missile test was successful and successful as the latest air defense system.

    Moscow continues to keep details about Sary Shagan’s interceptor missiles and the results of trials that took place on a site in Kazakhstan. The weapons test took place on Thursday.

    According to Russian military claims, the Moscow shield could destroy ballistic targets that shot at 7km (4.3 miles) per second.

    According to reports from one of the local television stations in Russia, there has been no counter-attack in the world.

    “An air defense and missile unit from the Russian Air Force has tested a new interceptor missile, Sary Shagan’s anti-ballistic missile in Kazakhstan,” the Russian Defense Ministry said.

    The success of the trial was also confirmed by the deputy commander of the Russian Air and Space Defense Alliance, Major General Andrey Prikhodko.