Russian Military Test Missiles Explore in the Sea of Okhotsk

    Photo: Reuters – The Russian military is reported to have carried out trials of seven cruise missiles in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. This trial was carried out following Russian tensions with NATO.

    Reporting from The Sun, Thursday (8/30/3018), this was conveyed by the Russian military through its official statement to the media.

    In the statement said that all trials run successfully to achieve the desired target.

    “All seven cruise missiles reached the target,” the report said.

    Trials of about seven cruise missiles involving the Russian Pacific Fleet and several warships, such as the Varyag, Razliv and Morz ships.

    The seven missiles consist of four types of cruise missiles namely; Vulkan, Granite, Malakhit and Onyx. The weapons can obliterate targets that are 310 miles away.

    The missile tests took place ahead of Russia’s biggest war training since the Cold War ended. Vostok-2018 training involving nearly 300,000 troops, 1,000 military aircraft and two Russian fleets will be held 11-15-15 2018.