Avigdor Lieberman: Israel is Developing Control Missiles

Photo: TASS

atynews.com – Israel is reported to be developing control missiles that are claimed to attack all targets in the Middle East region.

Reporting from TASS, Wednesday (08/29/2018), This was revealed by the Israeli Defense Minister, Avigdor Lieberman in a press statement to the media.

According to Lieberman, the Israeli military industry (Israel Military Industries / IMI) will complete the missile technology in the next few years.

The missile system, according to Lieberman, is integrated so that it can hit targets precisely even though they are launched remotely.

“We are developing a precision missile system that allows Israeli Defense Forces to reach every point in the region in the next few years,” Lieberman said.

He also said the project was underway to make precision rockets and missile systems under construction.

“The project to make precision rockets and missile systems is ongoing,” he added.

“Some of the systems are in production, while other parts are in the finalization stage of research and development.”

According to Lieberman the project spent defense budget as much as “hundreds of millions of shekels (Israeli currency)”.