Boeing Creates Single-Wheeled Plane

Boeing. Photo: AP – The aircraft manufacturing company, Boeing is reportedly developing the latest technology for commercial aircraft.

The new technology will be able to allow control with just one pilot or single control.

Reporting from the Independent page, Wednesday (08/29/2018), This was revealed by Steve Nordlund who is the vice president of Boeing to the media.

He said the technology was an artificial intelligence technology or AI that would take over the duties of the pilot.

“We believe in autonomous flights and single-wheeled aircraft. The technicians are working on it, “he said.

This technology will be tested in cargo aircraft. “I think we will start to see a combination of safety, economics and technology,” said Nordlund.

This technology was created to answer the challenges of the pilot crisis. The number of pilots needed in the next 10 years is estimated to reach 200,000 people. Although promising, the world of aviation is famously sensitive and disciplined.

The autopilot feature that is routinely used also does not always run smoothly. The A320 had crashed into the mountain peak in March 2015. At that time, all 150 passengers were killed and urged Europeans to implement the two pilot rules.