North Korea Called Denuclearization Negotiations Can Be Messy

    Donald Trump - Kim Jong-un Make Extraordinary Progress
    North Korean leader Kim Jong-un (left) when he meets President of the United States Donald Trump in Singapore, June 12, 2018. Photo : Reuters – The young North Korean leader said if denuclearization talks could fall apart. It also serves as a warning to the United States (US).

    Reporting from CNN on Wednesday (08/29/2018), the statement was known through a letter sent to US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo from one of the North Korean officials.

    The letter stated that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un felt that the denuclearization negotiation process could not move forward.

    “The US is still not ready to fulfill expectations (North Korea) in taking a step forward to sign a peace agreement,” the letter said.

    The 1950-1953 Korean War ended in a ceasefire rather than a peace agreement, leaving US-led US troops technically still at war with North Korea.

    North Korea has long insisted that it sees the end of the war officially as important to reduce tensions on the Korean peninsula.

    The US was reluctant to announce the end of the Korean War until North Korea abandoned its nuclear weapons program.

    A report from The Washington Post last Monday said that US President Donald Trump canceled a visit to North Korea by Pompeo after receiving aggressive letters from senior North Korean officials just hours after the trip was announced last week.