US Threatens Attack on Syria, Russia Sends 10 Warships

52 – Russia is reported to have sent 10 warships to the Eastern Mediterranean following the threat of a US (US) attack on Syria.

Reporting from Newsweek, Wednesday (08/29/2018), the shipment was stated by the Russian defense ministry to increase its fleet in the Mediterranean sea to anticipate threats.

Russia has sent its biggest naval force to Syria since entering into the country’s conflict. This shipment was carried out amid increasing rhetoric the United States (US) will carry out attacks if the Damascus regime returns to using chemical weapons.

Russia has also reportedly mobilized two Tor-M2 surface-to-air missile defense systems in Syria. The country’s air defense has also been placed on high alert in anticipation of potential US attacks.

Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry said the US threat to launch an attack if Syria used chemical weapons was a False Flag operation staged by Western-backed militants.

Last week, the United States National Security Adviser, John Bolton, claimed that the US military had received indications that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad – an ally of Russia and Iran – was planning to use chemical weapons in the upcoming campaign to recapture Idlib province controlled by rebel groups.

He also said that the US would provide a strong response if this proved true.

There are no details from the Russian defense ministry about the type of warships they send to the Mediterranean sea.