Russia’s Su-57 Combat Jet will be equipped with AI Combat Mode

Su-57. Photo: Russia Today – The latest Russian-made fighter jet, the Su-57 is claimed to have an artificial intelligence (AI) combat mode or artificial intelligence.

If the claim is later proven to be true, the Su-57 can be one of the current stealth fighters that the US and China must watch out for.

Reporting from RIA Novosti, Saturday (08/25/2018), this was revealed by one of the sources in the Manufacture of fighter jets in anonymous condition.

“Separately, we noted an integrated control system and visual equipment that would be applied exactly to this aircraft to automatic combat mode,” he said.

The Su-57 itself is a fifth-generation Russian fighter jet claimed to be a multifunctional fighter jet.

Previously reported, this fighter jet will be officially sent to the Russian military starting next year. Some countries in the world have even ordered this fighter jet for Indonesia.

According to him, the Su-57 will also work in a promising defense complex, including new frequencies and operating modes.

Some of the competitors of the Su-57 which are also developed by the US are the F-35 which is claimed to be equipped with AI features or automatic mode.