Feeling Insulted, Rodrigo Duterte Refuses to Buy US F-16

F-16 Iraq. Photo: Google

atynews.com – Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is reported to have refused to buy US-made fighter jets FF-16 because he felt insulted.

Rodrigo Duterte initially blamed the United States (US) for trying to hamper the modernization of his country’s army and criticize his crackdown on illegal drugs.

The anger refers to a letter he received earlier from US Defense Secretary James Mattis, Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo and Trade Minister Wilbur Ross.

He said that currently the country’s needs were only aircraft that were driven by propellers to eradicate the rebels.

“All I need is an airplane driven by propellers for anti-insurgency. We don’t need F16 and they swing in front of us after they insult us,” Duterte said in a speech.

He also commented strongly on his country’s relations with the US. He also admitted that it was difficult to say the Philippines and the US were allies.

“It’s hard for you to say we are friends. We are friends but remember we are friends because you made us a colony a few years ago. That is not the desired friendship, “he said.

Duterte then called the defense chief’s offer and other US officials to buy F16 fighter jets as a useless offer. The US officials reasoned that the Philippines needed lighter aircraft to fight the insurgents.