Russia Develops Take-off Vertical Fighter Plane

Photo: – Russia is reportedly developing a new generation aircraft prototype capable of vertical takeoff. Russia will also make it happen in the near future.

Reporting from TASS, Thursday (08/23/2018), According to the deputy Prime Minister of Russia, Yuri Borisov, this idea is a direct order from the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin.

He said, the development process was an order from the supreme commander and currently included in the state weapons program.

“This work has indeed been included in the state weapons program and is being carried out on the orders of the commander in chief. Now work is being done to develop conceptual models and prototypes, “he said.

He also added that later this aircraft would be completely new. Not an imitation of existing planes. This means vertical take-off.

“Undoubtedly, this is the future for all ships carrying aircraft and a new aircraft fleet will be needed and right for this purpose, various technologies are used to provide short attacks and landings or just vertical take-off,” he added.

According to him again, this concept has basically been developed by the Russian Ministry of Defense since last year and has only been realized now.

“Conceptually, such work has been done in the Ministry of Defense since last year,” he concluded.