Sukhoi Su-57 Has a Target Target Pod

Sukhoi Su-57. Photo: AP – The Sukhoi Su-57 aircraft is seen as having a new target target pod in the parade of military parades in the rank of the 65th anniversary of the aircraft manufacturer Lukhovitaky last August 17.

Reporting from UC News, Thursday (08/23/2018), According to information the 4.5G generation fighter is reportedly not developed by Russia anymore.

The new device is reportedly installed in 20 Su-57 units for research and development processes.

Su-57 Bort number # 055 with digital camel screen appears carrying the 101KS-N type target sighting pod mounted on the bottom side, near the left engine air inlet.

Although not many know its true ability, but 101KS-N is said to be equivalent to US-Israeli products such as AN / AAQ-28 Litening and AN / AAQ-33 Sniper ATP (Advanced Targeting Pod).

Photo: AFP

101KS-N itself is a viewfinder and navigation guide from the 101KS Atoll series which was specifically developed by KRET companies to support the removal of laser guided smart bombs and also provides accurate navigation for the Su-57.