British Jet Shadows Russian Fighter Above Romania

Photo: AP – Russian fighter jets, the Su-30 Flanker allegedly operates near the NATO airspace above the Black Sea. Because of this, two British-owned Typhoon jets flew from Romania to investigate.

Reporting from Reuters on Thursday (08/23/2018), This was conveyed by the British Air Force, the Royal Air Force (RAF) in a statement.

“The British fighter took off from a base near Constanta to overshadow two planes suspected of being Russian Su-30 Flanker,” the statement said.

According to information, this incident was the second time it happened. Last July, six Russian Su-24 aircraft were also reported to be flying away from NATO airspace.

The RAF said in a statement that there was significant Russian air activity throughout the night, and that the plane had finally changed to Crimea.

“The operation is in line with NATO’s Enhanced Air Policing (eAP) mission, where the RAF operates alongside its NATO allies to prevent Russian aggression, convince our friends in Romania and ensure NATO allies of our commitment to collective defense,” the RAF said.

The British Air Force has deployed the Typhoon jet to the Baltic States in recent years as part of a mission to protect NATO airspace in the region.