Israel: Iran’s Kowsar Combat Jet Is Ancient

Kowsar. Photo: AP – Israel says if a new Iranian fourth-generation fighter jet is introduced, the Kowsar is an ancient fighter jet.

Reporting from Sputnik, Wednesday (08/22/2018), This was stated by Ofir Gendelman who is also Spokesperson for the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu on his official twitter account.

He even said that if the Kowsar concept was the same as the United States (US) fighter, the F-5 which was very ancient was not even used anymore.

“It’s proud of his offensive abilities. But I soon noticed that this was a very old American fighter (made in the 1950s). This is from the F-5 jet class that hasn’t been used for decades, “he said.

Analysts had previously seen similarities between the Kowsar aircraft and the F-5 fighter jet, made by Northrop-Grumman in the 1950s.

The US F-5 was sold to Iran in 1960 and first entered operations in the Iranian Air Force in 1965. In the West, F-5 jet jets were mostly used for training purposes.

In 2013, Israel had teased Iran when it launched its domestic fighter jet, the Qaher F-313, which was considered a fake aircraft. The explosion was reinforced by the assessment of Western experts who suspected the plane was a plastic plane that was too small to fly.