Iran Introduces ‘Kowsar’, the Latest Domestic Combat Jet

Kowsar. Photo: Tasnim. – Iran is reported to have introduced their newest fighter jet made domestically. The fighter was known to be named Kowsar.

Reporting from Reuters on Wednesday (08/22/2018), the fighter jet was introduced at the national defense industry exhibition in Taheran through national television shows in the country.

The introduction of the fourth generation fighter jet was attended by the President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, who sat in the cockpit of the fighter jet.

‘Kowsar’ fighter jets are fourth generation fighter jets, with advanced ‘avionics (electronic technology in aircraft) and multi-purpose radar.

“100 percent made domestically,” said Tasnim News Agency about Kowsar fighter jets.

The Kowsar is the first fighter jet designed and produced domestically. The new fighter jet is claimed to be used in short flight missions, using digital military data networks, many function digital monitors, ballistic calculation computers and intelligent mobile mapping systems.

Also called that ‘Kowsar’ has a sophisticated radar system that can detect enemy targets and is equipped with a head-up display (HUD) that enables directional shooting. This fighter jet can be produced for single or double cockpit.