Russia’s Su-57 Combat Jet Claimed to Have Been Tested for War in Syria

Su-57. Photo: Russia Today – Russia’s fifth generation fighter jet, the Su-57 is claimed to have been tested in the war in Syria. The aircraft was also claimed to have carried out a series of trials in real war.

Reporting from TASS, Monday (08/20/2018), the claim was conveyed by the Chairman of the Russian Parliament’s Defense and Security Committee, Viktor Bondarev at his press conference to reporters.

Bondarev said that if the Su-57 had successfully undergone a trial the first stage in a real war in Syria. He also said that this aircraft had proven its value.

“The Su-57 has succeeded in completing the first phase of the country trial and proving all the flight characteristics that have been determined. This proves its value is not only on trial grounds, but also in real combat operations,” Bondarev said.

He recalled that the Su-57 prototype was sent to Russia’s Khmeimim airbase in Syria six months ago. In fact, the Moscow military at the time stated that there were two Su-57 fighter jets in Syria for flight testing, not for combat missions.

“The Su-57 has great potential for modernization, which will be enough for 50 years,” he said.

He also said that this aircraft had fulfilled all the needs to be developed into unmanned warplanes.

“In fact, this fighter jet has everything needed to be developed into a fully automatic unmanned warplane,” Bondarev said.