India Tests Anti-Tank Missiles Shot from Helicopters, HeliNa Missiles

HeliNa Missiles. Photo: – India has reportedly succeeded in testing an anti-tank missile named HeliNa. This missile is a missile fired from a helicopter.

Reporting from Zee News, Tuesday (08/21/2018), the good news was delivered directly by the Indian Ministry of Defense in a statement to the media.

According to information, HeliNa missiles were developed locally in the Pokhran Range in Rajasthan. The trial was also reported to have been successful.

“The weapons system has been tested for full range. The ‘HeliNa’ weapon system was launched smoothly from the launch platform which has tracked all targets through its path and reached targets with high precision,” said the Indian Defense Ministry.

The statement also said that all parameters were monitored by telemetry stations, tracking systems and helicopters in the trial.

“All parameters have been monitored by telemetry stations, tracking systems and helicopters,” the statement continued.

HeliNa was designed to be launched from a helicopter operated by the Indian Army Aviation Corps. This weapon has been designed to be launched from the HAL Light combat helicopter, HAL Dhruv and its armed variant, HAL Rudra.

The HeliNa missile trial on Sunday is a test locking the target before launching the missile. According to Indian media reports, Nag missiles are also able to be programmed for different targets after being launched towards previously locked targets.