India-Russia Continues Cooperation to Develop New Generation Combat Jets

Photo: AFP – India and Russia say that the two countries will continue their cooperation to develop a new generation of fighter jets. That is the fifth generation.

Reported by TASS, Tuesday (08/21/2018), This was stated by the President of United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) Russia, Yuri Slyusar in his press statement.

He said that Russia continued to coordinate with the Indian side to discuss the topic of discussion on the development of the fifth generation fighter jet.

“We continue to have discussions with India regarding the development of a fifth generation fighter jet. The topic is not closed. It has been said that India has withdrawn from this project. No, they have not retreated,” said Slyusar.

He was optimistic the results of the discussion would end in designing the fifth generation fighter jet.

“I really hope our talks will finally be crowned by the design stage and we will develop fifth generation aircraft,” he continued.

Earlier news circulated in India’s Economic Times Newspaper that India would withdraw from the cooperation project with Russia.

However, there is no more detailed information from the Indian defense so far.